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Our Difference


Traditional real estate agents might be working for the buyer, the seller, both, or neither at any particular time in the home buying process.

Buyer's Choice Realty GUARANTEES IN WRITING to work solely and completely in the buyer's interest, 100% on the buyer's side, 100% of the time, all the way through to closing.


Traditional real estate agents might have incentives, such as internal company sales contests, to show you one property over another or even to sell you one property over another.

Buyer's Choice Realty has no incentives to show you one property over another.  The only properties we show you are those which meet your requirements.  And we don't "sell" you a home.  We help you purchase the home that's right for you.


Our difference really is your advantage.  Our goal is to help you purchase property that meets your requirements, at the price and terms that are best for you, and within the time frame that you need.

The home buyers we work with are not "customers," they are our clients.  This means that we have the responsibility to:

       -- Put the buyers' interests first above everyone else's, even our own.

       -- Disclose everything we know about the other party and their property.

       -- Protect our clients' financial interests.

       -- Be completely loyal to our clients.

       -- Keep information about our clients confidential at all times unless we have their

             permission to disclose it or are required to by law.


Only an Exclusive Buyer Agency can guarantee in writing to do this 100% of the time.









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