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Corporate Services


            Relocating to a new area can be scary for your employees.  It can even take a toll on their work performance during the transition time.  At Buyer's Choice Realty, we're committed to making your relocating employees' transition as smooth and pleasant as possible and reducing your dollar investment in unproductive employee time and lowered employee performance due to stress from relocating.  Buyer's Choice Realty is the most experienced and most successful Exclusive Buyer Agency in the River Region.  We proudly provide a significantly higher level of service to corporations and their relocating employees.


            Unfortunately, a lot of real estate companies don't understand the special needs of relocating employees.  When contacted, many real estate companies will simply give you a sheet with listing addresses or direct you to a website with listings on it and tell you to call them if you see anything you might like.  Or they'll show your employees properties listed with their company without informing them they can't advocate for your employees on these properties until it's too late.  This leaves your employees feeling confused and all alone, with no one to help them.  It just adds to their stress and can have a negative impact on employee performance during this transition time.


            But at Buyer's Choice Realty, we're different.  We are the premier buyer's agents in the River Region.  Everyone working at Buyer's Choice Realty works only for buyers and tenants and puts your employees and their needs first, above everyone else.  Traditional real estate companies can't do this.  They have houses they need to sell or rent, and they specialize in representing sellers.  Even those traditional real estate companies that claim to represent buyers can't guarantee to always and only represent buyers.  And they're not experienced in giving the high level of service to your employees that we do.


            Buyer's Choice Realty provides unique personalized Exclusive Agency service to your relocating employees,  saving them time, stress, and money.  We can usually get your employees into temporary housing within 48 hours and into available rental homes within 3 – 5 days.  Our buyer clients historically save on average between 6 and 12% from the listing price, sometimes more.  With Buyer's Choice Realty representing your employees, there's no question of loyalties, no wondering about who the real estate company is actually working for.  We are 100% on the buyer's/tenant's side, 100% of the time, guaranteed!


Here's what we do for your relocating employees:


·    At initial contact:   This is a fact-finding conversation between your relocating employee and us to get the process started.  This includes helping your employee make the decision between renting or purchasing a home.  It helps us create a partnership between your employee and us to make the very best use of their relocation time and resources.


·    Before your new employee arrives:   We will prepare a personalized analysis, including information on special interests or activities as requested, as well as information on neighborhoods and area schools and on housing trends in the River Region compared to the rest of the country.


·    Upon your new employee's arrival:   We will present their personalized analysis and give a general tour of the River Region area.  If they desire to rent a home or apartment, we will take them to see specific rental properties that meet their needs.  We will educate them on issues affecting rental properties in the area and will help them apply for and negotiate the lease for them.  If they desire to purchase a property, we will assist them with financing pre-approval and will begin the home search including seeing homes that meet their requirements.  We will educate them on neighborhoods and condition considerations.  Once they select a home to purchase, we will perform our thorough Buyer's Choice Realty Broker's Opinion of Value on the property, develop a negotiating strategy, and negotiate the purchase contract on their behalf.


·    From contract to closing and beyond:   We will advise your new employee regarding inspections, assist with their loan processing, negotiate repairs and seller concessions, attend the final walk-through and closing and follow up after closing.  For our renter clients, we will provide information on utilities and movers and stay in touch throughout the term of the lease.


A Special Note on Our Unique Renter's Agent Services


            Company owner and Qualifying Broker Virginia Madden has been providing unequaled buyer representation and relocation services to home buyers in the River Region since 1995 and through our company, Buyer's Choice Realty, since 2003.  However, we realize that not everyone moving to the area is ready to buy a new home right away.  Some people choose to rent for a while first to get used to a new area and all that it has to offer.  That's where our Renter's Agent Service comes in.  Many people have used a buyer's agent to help them buy a home.  Our Renter's Agent Service is just like having your own Exclusive Buyer's Agent company working for you, except for renting instead of buying!  This is a completely unique service in the River Region offered only by Buyer's Choice Realty.  Your employees will receive the same high level of service and the same loyalty and dedication from our Renter's Agents as they would if they were buying a home – 100% on your employee's side, 100% of the time, guaranteed!  


            We will identify quality rental homes and apartments meeting your employees' needs, including those offered “for rent by owner” - rentals in their price range, their preferred school zones, and meeting their needs for number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, size, age, and parking type.  But we do far more than just locate houses and apartments.  We educate your employees about type of construction, condition issues they should avoid, how to properly look at properties with their needs in mind, and give your employees lifestyle information on schools, churches, sports, restaurants and entertainment.


            Buyer's Choice Realty agents are great negotiators.  We will negotiate the lease for your employees, obtaining discounts and concessions where we can.  We can't guarantee discounts for every rental property or for every one of our clients, but if discounts and concessions are available, we won't just leave them on the table.  We'll use them for your employee's benefit.


            Once the lease is signed, we're not done.  Because we have a client-level relationship with your employee, we are still available to them throughout the term of their lease, still working 100% on their side, 100% of the time.  And when they're ready to buy a home, they will receive the same top of the line client-level service while buying that they did while renting.


Make Your Relocating Employees Feel Special With Relocation Services from Buyer's Choice Realty!

Call our Relocation Director today at (334) 595-9873 for more information about how our services can help your company and your employees!


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